Hatch Act rules concerning the Presidential candidate debate: careful what you say.

The first Debate between the candidates is tonight. The Hatch Act and DoD Directive 1344.10 prohibit federal employees from engaging in partisan political activity while on duty or in the workplace. It may be possible, but difficult, to discuss the debate without violating any rules. Even casual conversation favoring a candidate, particularly by a supervisor, could result in discipline. To illustrate the point, here is a discussion of recent cases by the Office of Special Counsel https://osc.gov/News/pr16-25.pdf on recent Hatch Act Violations.

A federal employee may engage in some nonpartisan activities, however, as seen in an Office of Special Counsel fact sheet or “Dos” and “Don’ts” found at

Click to access HA%20Poster%20Lesser%20Restricted%202016.pdf

Enjoy watching the debate. And if you do not follow my advice, you know how to reach me if questioned, investigated, or proposed for discipline.

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