William S. Aramony, attorney

Bill Aramony has more than 37 years of experience advising, advocating and litigating for federal and civilian employees. He specializes in federal employment and personnel security clearance cases, bringing unique and individualized solutions to each case.

Mr. Aramony has represented thousands of federal employees before a wide range of government institutions, including the multiple security clearance panels, the U.S Merit Systems Protection Board, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Foreign Service Grievance Board, and in Federal and local Courts.

Employees have sought Mr. Aramony’s services to help them on security clearances, terminations, suspensions with out pay, retirement rights, filing discrimination claims, and novel and unusual federal employee and clearance issues.

In addition to his own practice, Mr. Aramony is “Of Counsel” to a F H + H, a prestigious law firm.  He also provides general counsel to select persons and small businesses, with an emphasis on former federal civilian and military veteran business owners.

He is consulted by other attorneys and works with other attorneys.  For his personal clients, he continues to give hands on, personal legal service.   You may telephone him at 703-299-8496.