Practice Areas


Since 1983, Mr. Aramony has adjudicated personnel security clearance cases before security offices and panels, central adjudication facilities, DOHA, and before other specialized entities and officials.


Mr. Aramony has represented hundreds of federal employees faced with discipline, or fired for misconduct and have handled several U.S. Constitutional issues. We defended a Bivens suit in U.S. District Court. After an insurance company hired Mr. Aramony, he was successful in assisting a high level Government official administratively on claims against him and in response to an attorney letter threatening to sue him in his personal capacity. At MSPB, we litigated USERRA, RIF, and indefinite suspension appeals, misconduct cases, whistle blowing, discrimination, and federal retirement appeals. We have represented many persons who because of their work have limited legal rights.


FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICERS (FSO) are subject to different statutes than are other federal employees (e.g., the Foreign Service Act). Their legal rights may stem from different rules (e.g., the Foreign Affairs Manual), and their remedies may be had from different jurisdictional forums than other federal employees, such as the Foreign Service Grievance Board with review by a U.S. District Court. Additionally, FSO must meet medical and security clearance mandates. We have assisted many such Officers, sometimes in association with AFSA.


Since 1979, Mr. Aramony has litigated and advised on contract, discrimination, stock options, black listing, pension rights, and non-compete agreements, and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). ERISA pertains to retirement, health, disability, and other employee benefits. In Court, Mr. Aramony has defended proprietary information, breach of loyalty, conspiracy to interfere with business, and trade secret lawsuits filed against his clients by former employers. He has litigated compensation, subcontractor, and discrimination suits and policy tort actions (in 1997 a more than $700,000 jury verdict, $500,000 of it punitive damages, in 1997 dollars). However most people do not prefer litigation, they want a job. Mr. Aramony frequently assists employees how to avoid litigation or to mitigate the damage to them.


The federal law enforcement agents, and those civilians in classified jobs are held to the highest standards. For both law enforcement agents and others in classified jobs, often a security clearance revocation, which disqualified the employee for his or her job, precedes any disciplinary action. These cases thus require care, judgment, and extensive experience as well as aggressive representation. Local and state officials who have sought Mr. Aramony’s services include police officers, probation officers, and other law enforcement officials. Most often the issues involve retirement plans or other complex legal issues that their local fraternal order or union do not handle.


Mr. Aramony regularly assists both federal and contractor American employees stationed overseas. The legal issues and jurisdiction over the issues tend to be unique.


Mr. Aramony has incorporated companies or established them as limited liability companies and has continued to advise them as they grew. Other clients have been assisted in conjunction with the West Coast attorney/manufacturer, in manufacturer, market, or foreign issues.


Mr. Aramony advises Defense Department contractors and their employees on employment rights and responsibilities, and employee contracts. Commissioned- paid and executive personnel who work in the industry also regularly consult us.


Mr. Aramony has advised Public Health Service Officers, and other health specialists, who are subject to different statutes and rules than other federal employees.


Current and former service members seek our guidance regarding security clearances and USERRA (for Reservists and National Guard), Medical Boards and PEBs, BCMR, DRB, money-claims and similar non-UCMJ matters.


Mr. Aramony has has helped civilian and military persons after the U.S. Government has acted to collect scholarship or other U.S. paid money after involuntary disenrollment or discharge from R.O.T.C., federal health agencies, and from other federal programs.


Mr. Aramony has litigated numerous cases under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, American Disabilities Act, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Equal Pay Act, and other federal and state discrimination statutes. The litigation has included “reverse discrimination” cases.


We have litigated many cases to conclusion before jury and before judge-alone in U.S. District Courts, federal appellate courts, the United States Court of Federal Claims, in state courts, and before administrative bodies.

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