The sequester and Thrift Savings Plans — DOD Article and related links are here.

Take a look at this article if you have a Thrift Savings Plan and may get furloughed.   I do not analyze it, just report it as is.

DoD release 13 March 2013

Furlough to Affect TSP Contributions

Federal civilian employees could see their Thrift Savings Plan contributions reduced if furloughs take effect [[part deleted]] an employee who earns $1,000 of basic pay every two-week pay period and contributes 10 percent of it to the TSP would make a $100 TSP contribution during a normal pay period.

However, if the employee is furloughed for two days per pay period, his or her basic pay would decrease to $800. As a result, the TSP contribution would be $80 per pay period. Employees who contribute a set dollar amount won’t see that amount change with a reduction in pay. For this reason, now is a good time to review TSP contribution amounts to see if they are appropriate

Financial Hardship In-Service Withdrawals

Thrift Savings Plan Loans

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