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100-n-pitt-2013The email is The telephone number is 703-299-8496. If Mr. Aramony is not available, use voice mail, not the receptionist, to leave a message. He checks voice mail when out of the office including outside of normal working hours.

If you have a federal employee or security clearance issue, call or email. Do not leave a lot of details at first. Please provide in your call or email (1) your name and telephone number and (2) a very brief statement of the proceeding or issue (e.g., received intent to revoke clearance, received a proposal to remove, got a notice of demotion, the demotion is discriminatory, an IG agent is investigating, have a post-employment ethics question, in divorce and need to know how protect retirement under the terms of the settlement agreement etc., etc.)

Last and (3) let us know the dates of your deadlines. For example, “I have: 15-days to respond to SOR (date); 7-days to reply (date); 45-days to file with EEO counselor (date). Be sure to make the deadlines with or without an attorney. The process is not forgiving of missed deadlines.